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Welcome to Atomic Mixing. If you are looking for high quality audio mixing but refuse to pay for expensive studio overhead costs then you have come to the right place. We are the world's home for reasonably priced, professional studio quality audio mixing.
 Atomic Mixing we know the following:

• That musicians are not made of money
It’s hard enough to make it as a musician and trying to advance your art by having your work professionally mixed shouldn’t make it harder. That’s why at Atomic Mixing we keep our prices low so that every musician has the opportunity to work with a mix engineer and have their sound heightened to its true potential.

• A great amount of gear is NO substitute for a great ear
That’s our philosophy and we are sticking to it. Anyone can buy great gear but not everyone has the ear to get the most out of not only their gear but also the music they are mixing. That’s where we are different. We not only have the ears but also the experience so that we really know what we are hearing.
 do happen to have some pretty great gear.

   • How to make your music stand out by sounding its best 

In addition to our ears, every single one of us is a professional mixing engineer with extensive experience not only in online mixing but playing music as well. Because of this vast experience with music we know how to cater to musicians individually. We give each track the same care and attention that we would give our own and are confident that you will walk away with a song that surprises even you.

No matter your type of music or location we know that our mix engineers can make your music leap out of your listeners headphones.
Contact us today and you will be on your way to more professional sounding tracks at a reasonable price. 



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